Friday, October 28, 2005


April 29, 2004
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Apartment 136
Washington, DC 20008-4530
Telephone: (202) 362 7064

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
422 8th Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Telephone: (202) 546-0646

Dear Sir:

I am a 50-year-old disabled American who suffers from severe mental illness, and I believe I was treated unfairly by the District of Columbia Library (Cleveland Park Branch) because of my illness.

On Wednesday April 21, 2004 an associate librarian, William Decosta, at the direction of Branch Librarian Brian P. Brown, summoned the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia to the Cleveland Park Branch in connection with a letter I had written to Mr. Brown on Friday April 16, 2004. Mr. Dacosta advised the Police (Officer J.E. Williams, Badge 1226, Second District, 202 282 0070) that the letter I had written and transmitted to Mr. Brown had aroused serious concerns about my mental health and stability.

The specific statements in the letter that aroused concerns were the following:

(1.) I said I was in a "dark place," psychologically.

(2.) I stated that I had stopped taking the anti-psychotic medication that my psychiatrist had prescribed.

(3.) I said that I was in deep emotional pain and that the persons who had caused the pain would "pay for my pain."

The Police (Officer Williams and his partner) questioned me about the letter. I explained that I am a licensed attorney and that the statement that "others will pay for my pain" referred to my contemplated act of pursuing legal remedies, a form of protected speech. I explained that I was a nonviolent person with no arrest record and that any references to any future action on my part against any persons related solely to my pursuing legal remedies.

The Police (Officer Williams and his partner) were assured that the letter did not contain an unlawful threat to commit a crime of violence. Librarian Decosta also advised the Police (Officer Williams) that I had engaged in a practice of altering the computer menu icons, an act of misconduct.

Librarian William Decosta stated that the Branch Librarian Brian Brown would like me to stay away from the Cleveland Park Branch for the next six months (i.e., until October 21, 2004). I was free to patronize any other District of Columbia Library and use the libraries' computer facilities.

The Police (Officer Williams) agreed that the Branch librarian's requested remediation was reasonable and advised me that I had to honor it. It was made plain to me that my failure to comply with the six-month ban at the Cleveland Park Branch would result in my expulsion and the possible filing of criminal charges against me.

I fully intend to comply with the six-month ban. However I do believe the ban is excessive, and request that the ban be lifted. I offer the following facts in support of my request.

1. I suffer from severe mental illness, which has been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia. The illness was first diagnosed by Dimitrios Georgopoulos, M.D. (George Washington University Medical Center) in February 1996. The diagnosis was confirmed by Albert H. Taub, M.D. in February 1999. My current treating psychiatrist, Betsy Jane Cooper, M.D. (D.C. Department of Mental Health, 202 576 6510) has stated that my current psychiatric symptoms fall within the diagnostic ambit of paranoid schizophrenia.

2. My psychotic symptoms include a fixed delusional system of longstanding duration. The delusional system arose in late October 1988 and centers on the belief that attorney managers of my former employer, the firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld ("Akin Gump") have had me under surveillance. I believe that my psychiatrists have transmitted confidential mental health information about me to Akin Gump managers. I further believe that confidential information about me has been transmitted by said managers to various persons including former President William Jefferson Clinton. Senior partners at Akin Gump include Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Esq., a close personal friend of former President Clinton, and Robert S. Strauss, Esq., former U.S. Ambassador to Russia and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

I also "hear voices," a symptom that first arose in the spring of 1993. Typically I hear the voices of historical figures and fictional characters from literature. For example, I hear the voices of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Rodion Raskolnikov, a character from Dostoyevsky's novel Crime and Punishment. Since 1993 I have been writing down the voices I hear and have been compiling the quotations in a kind of continuous novel; my "novel" is now about 400 pages in length and is contained on three computer discs. The voices I hear are for the most part benign and ego-syntonic. The voices do not direct me to commit any acts, criminal or otherwise. I find the voices entertaining and reassuring, in fact, rather than tormenting. In stressful situations, the voices become intense, but reassuring.

My illness has been refractory to three different anti-psychotic medications: Zyprexa, Abilify, and Risperdal. Clinical trials of these three antipsychotic medications at therapeutic doses have failed to modify my psychotic symptoms of delusions and hallucinations. I experience fatigue while on these medications, but no therapeutic effects. I resumed the Zyprexa on April 21, 2004, following the above-referenced incident at the D.C. Library. At this time I continue to suffer from delusions and hallucinations.

3. Until late October 1991 I was employed at the law firm of Akin Gump as a paralegal. My employment was terminated on October 29, 1991 by Dennis M. Race, Esq. (a senior manager, 202 887 4028), after I had lodged a complaint of harassment against coworkers that was subsequently determined by Mr. Race to be symtomatic of mental illness.

4. The U.S. Social Security Administration determined that I became disabled and qualified for disability benefits as of the date of the job termination, October 29, 1991. I have not worked since the date of the termination (a period of about 13 years), and live on disability benefits and food stamps.

5. Since the date of the termination (in late October 1991) I have visited the Cleveland Park branch of the D.C. Library almost daily. Brian Patrick Brown has been employed as librarian at the Cleveland Park branch since 1988. Mr. Brown has seen me almost daily for 13 years. I have consistently deported myself at the library in a quiet, respectful, and courteous manner. One of Mr. Brown's colleagues, librarian Barbara Gauntt, has referred to me as an ideal library patron. Prior to the incident on April 16, 2004 I had no inappropriate interactions with any librarians, staff persons, or patrons.

6. I believe that Mr. Brown has had me under surveillance at the library since my job termination in October 1991. I believe that he has been in daily communication with a person or persons associated with Akin Gump, possibly Earl L. Segal, Esq. (the head of the paralegal program) and Malcolm Lassman, Esq. (a senior partner who reports to the firm's management committee on issues relating to paralegals). I believe that Mr. Brown has received confidential mental health information about me via persons associated with Akin Gump and that Mr. Brown has shared that information with fellow library employees. I believe that on occasion Mr. Brown and his colleagues have harassed me with said confidential information by their use of double entendres.

7. I am totally isolated socially. I have no friends. The last time I had any social interaction was in early February 1992 (12 years ago), when I had lunch with a friend. I have no family in the area. I have not spoken with my only relative, an older sister, since February 1996. I have not seen my sister since the fall of 1992. Since 1992 my interpersonal interaction has been limited to consultations with mental health professionals.

8. I have taken a liking to Branch Librarian Brian Patrick Brown, who I have seen almost daily since 1991. I think of him as an imaginary friend. I have imaginary conversations with Brian and fantasize about our getting together for conversation or other activities. Since April 2003 (one year ago), I have been writing letters to Brian and saving them on the library's computer hard-drive; I engaged in the act of altering the computer menu icons in order to get Brian's attention. I believe that Brian has been reading the letters since the inception of my letter-writing activity and that he has acquired considerable knowledge about my personal history and my personality. I believe that Brian has found the letters entertaining.

It was the letter dated April 16, 2004, referenced above, that aroused Brian's concerns about my mental health and stability.

9. I have spoken with three treating mental health persons about my activity of writing letters to Brian and saving them on the library's computer hard-drive, namely, Dr. Betsy Jane Cooper (my treating psychiatrist), Dr. Meghana Tembe (my treating psychologist at the GW Center Clinic for Professional Psychology), and Dr. Israela Bash (my D.C. mental health case worker). None of the parties attempted to dissuade me from the activity, although each of them stated that if I wanted to be friendly with Brian I should engage in conversation directly with him. Dr. Bash expressly suggested that I ask Brian to go to lunch with me.

Based on my conversations with my treating therapists, I had no reasonable basis to conclude that my act of writing letters and saving them to the library's computer hard-drive was inappropriate. Note that two of the mental health professionals, namely, Dr. Cooper and Dr. Bash, are employees of the District of Columbia. In effect, I had reason to believe that two employees of the District of Columbia had granted me carte blanche to pursue my activity of writing and saving letters to Brian Brown on the D.C. Library's computer hard-drive.

10. Librarian William Dacosta advised the Police (Officer Williams) that Mr. Brown had read only one of my letters (the letter dated April 16, 2004). Mr. Decosta denied that Mr. Brown had read any other letters that I had written during the previous 12 months. Mr. Dacosta also denied that he or Mr. Brown had any communications about me with persons associated with my former employer, the law firm of Akin Gump. Mr. Decosta denied that he or Mr. Brown had me under surveillance, or that they had daily communications about me with parties outside the library.

11. Mr. Decosta's statements to the Police (Officer Williams) serve as an admission by Mr. Dacosta that the librarians did not believe that I was engaged in the practice of harassing or stalking Brian Brown. Mr. Decosta's statements also serve as an admission that I had not been warned by library personnel on any prior occasion to cease my activity of altering computer menu icons or writing letters to Brian Brown and saving them on the library's computer hard-drive.

12. I advised the Police (Officer Williams) on April 21, 2004 that Mr. Brown had me under surveillance since 1991; that I had been engaged in the activity of writing letters to Brian Brown for the previous year (since April 2003); and that I had been engaged in the activity of modifying the computer icons for the previous year (since April 2003) (in order to gain Brian's attention). I also said that I believed that Brian and I had a lot in common and that perhaps we could become friends.

The Police offered the following observations:

(1.) My accusation that Mr. Brown had me under surveillance appeared to be a civil, and not a criminal matter. The Police advised me that if I had any substantial evidence that Mr. Brown had me under surveillance I should hand over that evidence to the D.C. Police detectives office or the Office of the U.S. Attorney for investigation.

(It will be noted that the continuing act of a state employee in invading the privacy of a citizen, or the act of a state employee in obtaining unlawfully-procured confidential information about a citizen and disseminating that information to other state employees, may constitute a civil rights violation under federal law).

(2.) Writing letters to Mr. Brown and saving them on the computer hard-drive is an inappropriate way to become friends with anyone. (Mr. Decosta advised me that Brian Brown has a policy of not befriending library patrons. I was free to chat with Brian at the library, but my expectation that Brian and I might become friends outside the library was not feasible.)

(3.) The Police stated that my action of altering or tampering with the computer icons was sufficient grounds to bar me from the library for a six month period. The subject letter I had written (dated April 16, 2004) was deemed by the Police to have no law enforcement significance, as it related to my intent to pursue legal remedies and not to inflict bodily or other harm on anyone.

(4.) The Police appeared to accept the denials of Mr. Decosta (and Mr. Brown) that neither party had been aware of my activity of writing letters during the previous year and saving those letters to the library's hard drive. The Police also appeared to accept the librarians' denial that they had any knowledge that I had been altering or tampering with the library's computer menu icons during the previous year.


I request that the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) offer an opinion as to the appropriateness of the action of the D.C. Library in suspending my access to my local public library for a six month period for the sole reason that I, according to the accusation of the Branch Librarian, Brian Brown, altered the computer menu icons of a Cleveland Park Library computer, without any prior warning by library personnel advising me that this trivial act was considered a serious act of misconduct.

NAMI may contact Mr. Brian P. Brown at 202 282 3080. NAMI may contact Mr. Brown's supervisor, Barbara Webb, at Central Library Administration at 202 727 3096. Barbara Webb is the Administrator of the Local Branch Libraries of the D.C. Public Library. My library card number is 211720 1569 8634.

Thank you very much.


Gary Freedman

Cc: (email - Eric H. Holder, Jr., Esq.)

Ms. Barbara Webb, [February 18, 2005]

This will advise that on Wednesday February 16, 2005 an officer of the Metro DC Police (Second District) telephoned me to tell me that she had spoken to Brian Brown (Branch Librarian, Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library) about my returning to the library as a patron.

The officer told me that Brian had set three conditions precedent to my returning. I had to agree to the following:

1. I must have no contact with Brian; Brian wanted nothing to do with me;

2. I must agree to take my medication;

3. I must not alter the computer icons;

4. I must not leave any saved documents on the computer that can be viewed by other library patrons after my computer session ends.

I told the officer that I refused to agree to these conditions, and that therefore I would not be returning to the library.

1. On April 21, 2004 associate librarian William Dacosta told me, in the presence of the police (Officer J.E. Williams (Badge 1226) and his partner), that I was free to chat with Brian in the library as other patrons do. See letter dated April 29, 2004 from Gary Freedman to the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill: "Mr. Decosta advised me that Brian Brown has a policy of not befriending library patrons. I was free to chat with Brian at the library, but my
expectation that Brian and I might become friends outside the library was not feasible."

2. I am not legally required to take medication. As a matter of principle I will not agree to perform an act at the behest of a District employee that I am not legally required to perform, as a condition precedent to using a public facility. [I believe this condition impinges on my civil liberties, and that it amounts to a constructive ban on my access to the library.]

3. Brian's conditions concerning use of the computer are reasonable; however, Brian should have issued a warning to me in April 2004 before contacting the police. I had no reasonable basis to know that using a public access computer in a manner consistent with its intended use would result in police enforcement action against me.

Also, in regard to Brian's concern that the letter I left on the computer upset other patrons I note for purposes of comparison only that under the Americans with Disabilities Act, an employer may not make an employment decision about a disabled employee based on the
generalized fears of other employees.

It is my understanding that I may return as a patron to CPK at any time, so long as I advise Brian that I will honor his conditions. In fact, I may do so at some future time.

Ms. Webb, I appreciate the time you have spent on this matter, and I thank you. This will be my last communication to you and Brian concerning this matter.


On February 13, 2006 a patron at the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library (Washington, DC) saved the following document to the public access computer hard-drive, in violation of library regulations. The document contains threatening language; the document refers to a program of "clean-killing America." The content of the letter leaves no doubt that the author suffers from serious mental illness, paranoid in nature. I brought this letter to the attention of managing librarian Brian P. Brown. Mr. Brown took no action against the library patron in question. Mr. Brown's nonfeasance leaves little doubt that the stated reasons for banning me from the library for six months beginning on April 21, 2004 -- namely, that I had saved a document to the computer hard-drive that was threating in tone -- was pretextual.


P.O BOX 41003
Bethesda, Maryland 20824
(202) 299-7007

February 13, 2006

H.E. Secretary General Lord Kofi Annan
United Nations
UN Plaza
New York, New York 10017

My Brother:

I guess this is another one of those days, in the week, and months where I am writing you with shocking revelations about the former U.S. government, and it's Presidents, regarding this nightmare. I apologize for these Americans who without having evil to engage in, would not otherwise exist.

I want to begin by saying that I applaud Europe, and the other Commonwealth Realms that adopted my plan for vindicating our King, and my daughter. I want to say that we need them to stick with the program they began implementing of "clean killing" America, even though it hurts me deeply to say this. As Prime Minister of this Hell Realm, I should feel differently about this place. But I never really wanted to be Prime Minister because I knew that it required me to treat Americans better than they deserve to be treated. With that said, I want to first announce that I am not removing any of my corporations from Europe to relocate or bring them back to America. I will relocate my corporations, even those here, in America, to Africa, Latin America (Cuba), the Middle East, Asia, and Island Nations, as opposed to bringing them to, or allowing them to remain in America.

I should know well, by now, that Americans, those in the former U.S. Congress, and the government cannot be trusted to keep their word, or obey laws.

I was sleeping

Let me tell you what awakened me, fully: on February 10th, 2006, I was awakened by a MI 6 Agent, in drag, or I am told that she is MI 6, or Russian...the source knew that it is not an American. This person was up, attacking me. When it went to the restroom, during the middle of the night, I decided to follow. I encountered it, sitting on a toilet stool, talking to it's self, loudly. There were possibly three other people in the bathroom, but not in a stall. I listened to hear what was being said. I overheard a conversation to "Mike"... "Mike" is the internal monitoring system that the "tool shed" uses to eavesdrop on me, and others. The conversation was centered around "Business Hours;" "going on the clock"; and "when you get started." Since it made no sense to me, until I forced myself to wake up and listen, to go to work to see what it all meant, I heard enough to let me know that she was talking to "Mike"...about the conditions that the Contract Killer would be paid under. "Any other job," you work on, you work first, and then get paid; or you are on the job, first." It kept repeating the same phrase, over and over again. I did not dismiss this. I was trying to figure it out, when I walked down the hall toward my sleeping area, encountering women race walking, and some almost running toward the bathroom. I noticed that some of the women who were suddenly awake, were those I suspected to be DIA, and cops..killers, who sell themselves to the highest bidders. I did not speak, going directly to my bed, to think.

I made notes of this, and attempted to go to sleep, when "Steve Harvey," the Russian or British Agent, walked into the room. Just that quick, it knew what my note read, and began a conversation for my ears, on Volunteers. It defined what it means to be a Volunteer. I wondered how he could know so quickly, when everyone I saw racing down the hall was American. How could a Commonwealth citizen who is employed by another Realm, know what I, the Prime Minister of America, and American Mission Diplomat wrote on paper, before I had an opportunity to cover myself in bed.

I noticed that all of the cops that made my list, and my reports-letters to you were up, sitting on the side of their bed, with Francis Styles holding something in her mouth, and still wearing a face mask.

I should note that the reason she wears a face mask is due to chemical and biological agents being pumped into the vents, and the chemical agent pouring out of the vent, into the environment, filling the lungs of everyone in the "shed." I began to receive intelligence on this a while ago, but ignored it. Francis was told about it, by George Herbert Walker Bush, the former President of the U.S., and the father of the former and last American President, George Walker "Dubya" Bush, because the "tool shed" is Daddy Bush's and the former U.S. Congress' "tool shed." They Ordered the military, and the cops to introduce biological and chemical agents into the environment to help them super clean the shed, and kill everyone in there, especially, those they deem "diapers." Apparently, Francis Styles is a good robot, they will keep her around a little longer, to use her. She wore her mask, this night when "Steve Harvey" put his call out for a Contract Killer to hit me for him, and the Russian Federation. Debra Cook, and Debra Caldwell were among the other contract killers who were up and moving toward the bathroom, this night.

I later learned that Harvey was x rayed, and that he may have a "shank" on his person, like the other British Agent that was seated on the bus bench, when I got off the bus. See the photo of her, recently sent to you. It was thought that he was British, because he was hit with the x ray, and a weapon discovered.

At this point, I learned that the "shed" was filled with homosexual males. I may be the only natural female in this place. I learned, yesterday that they were "clones" of some kind, with "physical strength like mine, but no other traits like mine." I received this information from an Intercept. What I believe may have happened, since I know that there is something wrong with these people, is that my DNA may have been injected into them, by some sick CIA physician, in an attempt to replicate me. I have been of interest to the former American government for many reasons, DNA, etc., intelligence. It began when Darling was alive. However, these people kill on Order, anyone they are told to kill. They have no commitment to anyone, or thing, but money.

For sometime, I noticed that my telephone calls were being diverted to keep me from receiving certain phone calls, and to keep me from making phone calls. I knew that the controls for Deutsche Telecom, T-Mobile, and Verizon were inside the building, in all of the separate operations located in the buildings. What I am saying is 425 2nd Street, N.W., in Columbia, though not a telecommunications corporation, with minimal, if any telecommunications employees representing these corporations operating undercover in the "shed"...the domestic terrorist were given telecommunications master control equipment, that allows them to jam my cell phone, control what comes on the screen of my cell phone, where my calls that I make go, and where calls coming into me, go, and not go, depending on who the caller is. This operation is highly illegal, for many reasons, and is the work of, or is put in place by William Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, George Dubya Bush, the former U.S. Congress, Condoleezza Rice, as well as the NSA, and CIA. Any person from the streets, or any place, including the international terrorist can access and control my cell phone. I made a 611 call to find out about "Fox In the Box." I have not been able to access this or find out what it does, or how it allows me to counterattack those who attack me because when I tried to dial T-Mobile customer service a Russian Agent, male, from nearby, some where in the area, intercepted my call, and pretended to be customer service. His inability to understand and inform me about the mechanics of the cell phone, tipped me off. I hung up on him, and have avoided dialing 611 since this incident. This Russian Agent, KSS, or KSB, (KGB) could not have complete access to my line, without the aid of an American "tool". The former F.B.I. 's and it's corrupt Special Agents, Mr. "Patrick Manley" and Mr. Christopher "Christine Wendy" Martin used to play on my phone when I dial 611, or attempt to call a number that they knew I normally do not call, to obtain information on someone or thing. I recognized the voices. I believe it was their last attempt to impede my moving forward on the cell phone, when I tried to locate Diana Goldberg to find out about my RAKU Japanese Restaurant that alerted me to them. However, with the new phone, I attempted to try to access some of the other features. I found that domestic terrorists, mainly, were jamming my phone, where ever I go. They began to put "Memory Full" signs up on my Camera program to keep me from taking photos of them. When I initially began to take photos, I could take as many as 66 photos, or so, without being told or seeing a sign that said "Memory Full." However, they began to learn about my phone, and jammed as well as took control of my features. This was and is done by WMATA employees, telecommunications people with the military that are in the "shed".and corrupt cops that are in the "shed." Yesterday, tired of them jamming my phone, and trying to force me to delete photos of their really "hot" corrupt cops, Bush's people who are "diapers," just like Francis Styles, but not immediately for disposal. In order to try to force me to delete Jane Shine's photo, they kept the "Memory Full" sign, and "delete photos, to free memory," and "40.5 kB memory available. Free some memory?" sign on my camera. "Camera on Stand by. Memory Full" signs on my phone, blocking my ability to use my camera, when I want to, and for what I want to. This is to keep me from sending photos to you, Team Annan, and the UN Security Council. What is going on is a group of very evil, very corrupt former American Presidents are telling lies about what is happening to me, what they are doing, as opposed to what is actually being done, and claiming that I am "crazy" to keep me here, without my inheritance. Right now, my Gallery, where photos are stored, is "Empty" because I have not been able to take any photos due to the domestic and international terrorist jamming my phone. To make matters worse, I attempted to get help, and to report to our side that the terrorist were jamming my phone, attacking me, and trying to keep me from photographing those involved in the attacks, as well as to keep me from getting photos of the new "tools"..domestic, and international that were recycled into the "shed" as the old ones are sent some place else to avoid their possibly being arrested, if anyone engaged in arresting people. When I was able to reach a T-Mobile customer service representative, it turned out to be Yolanda Jackson, a for hire piece of ghetto trash. She works for or represents WMATA employees, and will sell her cell phone "pilot" weapon, services to anyone who can pay her. She works for the House of Saudi, and is a Jeans Gang member, working for the House of Windsor, as well. When I heard a voice, I recognized her voice. I asked who it was. She stumbled, thought about a name, and said, "Barbara." I immediately recognized her voice, and knew that the name she gave is my sister Barbara Brooks' name, a WMATA employee. I told her that I knew she was not T-Mobile, but someone from the ghetto. I hung up, and the fact that I reached a WMATA tool, who is now working for a member of Prince George's County government who stole, sold, and began renting real property, placing an advertisement in one of the small newspapers. Wearing a "PGC" t shirt, Yolanda came into the room to let me know that I had indeed spoken to her. Others came into the room to tell me that I had taken the top off their operation. I began to ask questions about domestic terrorist and non-telecommunication employees having access to a utility that they should not have access to, since they do not work for any of my telecommunications corporations. I asked her how she obtained access to the telecommunications equipment, and what was she doing on my phone? She went to bed. Others, including corrupt former FBI agent, Chris Martin told me that I had cancelled their operation, and taken the top off things by busting Yolanda. All night long, or until I cut the phone off, these domestic terrorist blocked my ability to use my camera. This morning it is still blocked. I know that this trash works for George Herbert Walker Bush.

I know that street people, people who work in WMATA, and not a telecommunications corporation could not gain access to a public utility, or invade the privacy of a Monarch, Diplomat, or Prime Minister, without help from someone who could provide them with this equipment, and insure them that they would never be arrested, or charged for violating the privacy of someone at this level. Not one act of violence engaged in, all the attacks, each night, and the contaminated food served to us by D.C. Central Kitchens, an American operation could take place without the help of the NSA, the DIA, the former U.S. Congress, and everyone on the Bigot's List, which include all former Presidents and past members of the defunct Congress. I learned that the domestic "tools" were selling access to my phone, and the equipment to anyone who would pay their price. I learned that the Open Door Shelter employees provide a room for these private operations, as well as computers. To validate their terrorism, these "tools" some of whom received letters from us informing them that they will be arrested, informed Open Door staff, who already knew that I was taking pictures of the "tools" that I was taking illegal photos of them. To make them seem at ease, and to impeded my taking photos, my phone was jammed by Media people, at CBS, and an Anchor whom I fired, years ago, for speaking out against me, on behalf of the criminals, Bruce Johnson, began to rape me, while other so called "sharks" positioned themselves near my table, in some kind of symbolic move to force themselves on me, and gain a foot hold on our organization. It was a nightmare.

When I went to Kinko's to print some of the photos from the Gallery, to try to free some memory, even though I knew that I did not have any photos using memory, I walked into a Kinko's "bag" that was put in place by some folks answering George Herbert Walker Bush's S.O.S. They locked my enlargement capabilities, to keep me from printing large photos of Jane Shine, Rose B. (A Shin Bet, and David Francis Harriman, or my Jewish in-laws, from my Northern Virginia estates.) and "Steve Harvey." I think the jam was to keep me from putting Jane Shine's photo in enlarged form. When we discussed her freedom, or absence thereof, she seemed to be certain that no matter what she did, she and her daughter, Novene Shine, would never go to jail, even when I promised her that they would. I believe that their being Daddy Bush's "tools" that he contracted with for my daughter's oldest children, has something to do with that. Also, the fact that I sleep in a room with men. I am the only woman in the room. Former cops, former F.B.I. agents, and the DIA are my sleeping roommates. In the rooms behind me there are men, and in the rooms on each side of me there are men. I intercepted a message from them to me telling me that they "protect people." They are a nightmare, not only to look at, but to hear, and to simply be near.

I have photos from the Gallery, but they are small, and in black and white. The Kinko's employee disabled the color printer to keep me from printing color photos. This conspiracy is too large, and involves to many variables to be simply street level people or blue collar people working.

I thought about it and know that the former government, led by, I am told, John Kerry, John Edwards, and the former US Congress, calling themselves Robert Ehrlich, is behind the stalls, the delay in turning my assets over to me, and working to impede my getting home, to my private estates, and to my money to not only delay UN Etc., but to also delay their going to jail, or those in jail being Sentenced for Treason, murder, etc., including the 911 WTC terrorism.

When I questioned the attack that took place, when I could not film anyone, and I knew that the utility equipment was being housed, illegally, and used by terrorist, who could really engage in chaos with this equipment, I began to replay everything. Since I spoken to my grandson on the phone, earlier in the day, learning that "Shadow" the dog, and symbol of the CIA's "shadow operation" that is in place, or was in place in my children's homes, placing Rick Buchanan, his children, and their pets, CIA pets, and scientist, in my children's homes, I began to wake up, more. I learned, after having intercepted a message to me from Karen "Connonlley" that Connonlley is not her last name, or surname, at all. Her real name is Karen Buchanan. She is another one of Rick Buchanan's children, and the sister of Larry "Bogart" Buchanan, Denise Buchanan, Gregory "Swistak,' (for my numbered Swiss Bank accounts) Buchanan's sister. Her message to me, after eavesdropping on my conversation with Lord Chase, my grandson, when I learned that "Shadow" was no longer living with the rest of his family in Tim's basement, or in Tony's basement, I was happy, "I had better not hurt her brother, or she would kill me." This message is one of two that Karen sent me, with the other message.


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