Background Information

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Dear Sir:

I have been requested to reduce to writing my perception of Gary Freedman in his capacity as an employee of this law firm and as a potential member of the legal profession.

Having spent my first year as a member of the legal profession as an Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I have devoted the following nine years to the private practice of law exclusively in the area of labor relations and jointly-administered employee benefit plans. Additionally, I have authored numerous articles dealing with my areas of specialty that have appeared in national legal publications and taught labor law at Pennsylvania State University, the University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University and Temple University School of Law. Thus, I believe my experience as both a member of the profession and in academe places me in a unique position from which to accurately and fairly appraise Mr. Freedman's abilities.

Mr. Freedman has been employed since June, 1981 in the capacity of a law clerk in the firm of Sagot and Jennings of which I am a partner. During this time, he has been assigned research and drafting tasks by myself as well as several other attorneys in the firm. Without exception, he has completed all assigned projects in a thoroughly professional and conscientious manner.

From my own observations as well as those of the other attorneys for whom he has worked, it is clear that Gary possesses a highly-refined ability to analyze and research complex factual and legal issues and to thereafter reduce his findings to a clear and concise legal memoranda. On several occasions Gary has completed complex research projects in a timely and competent fashion that were assigned on reasonably short notice and that dealt with a multitude of complicated legal principles.

Not only does Gary possess the innate intelligence and training to perform exceedingly well in all assigned tasks, but also -- and perhaps of equal importance -- his work attitude and diligence complement his ability. He has consistently demonstrated the spirit of cooperation in an easy manner under stress that endear him to all within this firm.

In view of the above, I readily and without qualification state that Gary would unquestionably be an asset in any area of the law. Additionally I am more than willing to personally discuss my experience with and perception of Gary in detail if anyone should so desire.

Very truly yours,